Coronavirus update

The hospital that is being built in Wuhan, China to treat people affected with Coronavirus.

With a lot of buzz going on about the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan region in China, and its spread throughout the globe, many countries are trying to prevent or minimise the risk of getting the virus spread in their territories by placing additional security measures and checks on their country entry gates.

Such virus outbreaks usually affect greatly the tourism industry as the countries place bans and issue warnings on visiting some affected regions of the world, like the N5H1 a couple of years ago. The same is with the Coronavirus.

At least 13 countries have issued warnings to refrain from traveling to certain regions of China and try to evacuate their citizens from the Wuhan region, also a number of countries have restricted the entries of Chinese tour groups through their borders. 

Armenia's Tourism Commitee has issued a warning in dealing with the Chinese tourists, and in the airport the Chinese tourists and others are checked for the symptoms of the virus.

There are already cases of group cancellations of Chinese tourists visiting Georgia and Armenia.

With so far not ideally controlled spread of the virus throughout the globe, it would be wise to strenghten the control on the borders on Armenia and Georgia.