Visa to Iran

Իրանի վիզա

It goes without saying that foreign nationals need to obtain a visa to visit Iran. This temporary permission of entry is issued by the embassy of the IRI. Consequently, you are required to receive approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs related to the visa type.

The decision of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the principle of reciprocity require that all applicants from Schengen countries should present their fingerprints. They may apply for fingerprints in the local Police office in their city.

It should be noted that biometric passport holders should also submit their fingerprints.

General regulations 

It is possible to apply for tourist, entry and pilgrimage visas to travel to Iran.

Tourist Visa

If you plan to travel to Iran for visiting places of interest, friends and family, then tourist visa is the right decision for you. 

Those people, who don’t possess an Iranian birth certificate, such as children and minors, whose fathers are not Iranian, should apply for a visa to enter the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Required Documents

  • Printed version of the visa form (filled out)
  • Original passport of the applicant (plus one copy)
  • Two photos (3cmx4cm, with a plain background, application form and taken during previous six months)
  • Receipt of the visa fees payment
  • Valid accident and health insurance copy at your stay in Iran
  • An envelope containing sufficient postage stamp for registered mail for the passport return
  • Fingerprints
  • Reference number

The processing duration of the visa application is seven working days after presenting all the required documents to the embassy.

Note: The Reference Number that the Visa Department of MFA provides, is Mandatory


Pilgrimage visa

Pilgrimage visa is necessary for those people, who visit Iran to see the holy places.

The required documents are the same as with the tourist visa.


Entry visa

This type of visa is for the purposes of trade negotiations, official business, participation in conferences/seminars (political, cultural, economic, etc.), sports activities and other issues related to the job. 

The required documents are the same as mentioned above.


Paying authentication and approval fees are preferable to be done to the following account:


3001 BERN


IBAN CH 62 0079 0016 2611 5856 6

Note: Do not pay the fees via UBS and Credit Suisse



Regardless the fact that the applicant is sponsored by family members and friends in Iran, the above-mentioned documents are mandatory.

The travel agencies, families or friends, Iranian business counterparts receive their reference number by the Visa Department of MFA.

Only tourists can apply for the Tourist Visa through the embassy and without Reference Number. In this regard, they should add the hotel reservation to the above-mentioned documents. The process of visa will take at least two weeks since the day of submitting all necessary documents to the embassy.

Foreign nationals, who plan to visit Iran by car or bicycle, should apply for a reference number through the Visa Department of the MFA.


In case you want to facilitate the visa obtaining process, you may:

1. Turn to a relative or a friend in Iran to refer to the MFA of IRI and arrange a letter of invitation. Afterwards, when they obtain a reference number for an approved visa, they may refer to the Embassy.

2. What refers to work permits, the Iranian counterpart had better complete the necessary process in Iran.

For other types of Visa, like “Diplomatic Visa”, “Press Visa” and so on, it is recommended to phone the visa section in the following hours: from Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 16:00. The opening hours for picking up visas are only from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:30.