Old City of Yazd

Places to visit in Iran

Yazd is the capital city of Yazd province, Iran. It is located 270km away from Esfahan. Yazd is often called a city of windcatchers. This city has a unique Iranian architecture. It is like a phoenix poking out of a brown labyrinth of lanes. It is an old phoenix in a baked-brown desert.

The old city of Yazd is one of the most ancient towns on Earth. As UNESCO states it, it is the best place to get a feeling for the region’s rich history. Everything in this city is made from sun-dried bricks and the brown skyline, which is the result of the sun-dried mud color, is dominated by tall windtowers (badgirs) that are seen on nearly every rooftop.

The residential parts of this city seem deserted as the high walls hide them. They shield the houses from the narrow lanes (kuches) zigzagging the town.

If you take time to wander around the town you will definitely discover simple courtyards, ornate wooden doors and other lovely adobe architecture patterns. Meanwhile, you will be welcomed by numerous children eager to help you out of the maze. To get some fine views try getting to the rooftops at some point and you will admire vast brown expanses of the desert.

Yazd, Yazd province, Iran