Shemshak Ski Resort

Places to visit in Iran

Shemshak came into operation as a ski resort in 1958. It is the second ski area by its size after Dizin. Shemshak is of 2550m to 3050m altitude above sea level. There are even lighting facilities for skiing at night in Shemshak. This place is convenient for advanced skiers, whereas Dizin, which is situated at 71km from Shemshak, is a perfect place for intermediates and beginners.

Shemshak is forty-five minute’s drive from Tehran and is more than sixty years old. Once this place was a coal mine village and later some German engineers working in the mines turned it into a skiing area.

Many professional skiers and mogul freaks love Shemshak, as here lots of powder is available. Unfortunately, the ski season is just four months here; December, January, February and March.

You will find a cozy small hotel in the village and the chair lift station is located next to it. There are many coffee shops and restaurants in this ski resort. You’ll be able to find some rooms for rent as well.

In Shemshak there are many shops offering ski repair, providing snow boards, skis, and boots for rent. Skiing in Shemshak will be a real joy for you and you will definitely enjoy your holidays here.

55 km from Tehran, Iran