Soltaniyeh Dome

Places to see in Iran

Iran is a wonderful country with a lot of things to see and do. Unfortunately it has stayed in shadow because of certain restrictions in law and traditions, but it could become a touristic country. It has many spectacular places like Soltaniyeh Dome.

Situated in the south-western part of the Cohan Dej, Soltanieh Dome is 43km from Zanjan and was built in 1302-12.

The dome of the structure is 200 tons and is sitting on pillars occupying an area of 50 Esq. The octagonal building has a 50m tall dome which is covered with turquoise-blue faience and is surrounded by eight minarets.

Soltanieh dome has three floors. The ground floor has eight portions. The first floor compiles the halls which run throughout this floor. The foundation column of the dome is located on the third floor.

The entrance to the cellar is from the southern side. Its plan and design consists of seven segregated sections, and all of them are independent from each other.  This place is of high artistic value, as a beautiful engraving stands on a height of 360sm and contains a verse from the Holy Quran.

You will find engravings on the second floor of the structure as well. One of them is again from the Holy Quran and is inscribed in the “Kufic” script.

Soltaniyeh, Iran