Rudkhan Castle

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The Castle of Rudkhan is made from brick and stone. It is a medieval castle in the Gilan province of Iran, 25km southwest of Foran city. The castle was a military complex and was constructed during the period of Seljuk Dynasty. Rudkhan is built on the top of two mountains and occupies 50.000 sq. m.of area. While constructing the fort the architects benefited from the natural mountainous features of the territory.

According to the preliminary evidence, the foundation of the castle was in the Sasanian era and was rebuilt during the Seljuk reign. Nevertheless, there is no accurate information on the date of its construction. The castle had been used until the times of Zandieh Dynasty.

There is such a river called Rudkhan Castle River, which flows near the castle, stretching from south to north. After passing through the dense forests, the big entrance gate of the castle catches your eye at the first. It is situated on the northern side of the castle and has a gate and two towers on its two wings.

Once you could notice an inscription above its front entrance which stated that the fort was renovated for the first time in 1539-1542, but now that plaque is displayed in a museum in Rasht.

Qaleh Rudkhan, Gilan Province, Iran