Fruit Tours?

Armenian fruits

What if we offer you a fruit tasting tour around Armenia? 

Generally speaking, Armenian fruits make a fantastic reason to visit Armenia. Starting from late spring and lasting till late autumn, all kinds of fruits ripen in Armenia, making tours rich with exotic tastes and aromas.

Late spring  - time for small and sweet, small apples, then the time comes for fabulous cherry and immortal apricots, that take you to heaven and back. Along the roads taking you to neighboring regions like Aragatsotn or Ararat, you can see many stations stacked with excellent quality fruits. In the areas, where strawberries are grown, you can see big jars of full of the dark red, big and juicy strawberries, and the jar costs just 3 USD. 

Summer - time for all kinds of plums sour and sweet, peaches filled in with sunshine, big and sweet watermelons and various kinds of yellow melons. You can't pass by jars of dark-blue berries without tasting it. Gradually apples and pears ripen and appear on the road stations, and the the king of fruits fig is coming with its unearthly forms and looks and taste. 

In late summer and mid autumn all those wonder fruits give room for the variety of grapes that enchant and give you a big portion of happiness. Big, small, red and white, green and yellow - all these varieties are just take your breath away. It is the high time for the numerous wine making factories to buy big amounts of grapes to make the high value Armenian wines.

The vegetable markets in Yerevan are just like museums of fruits. In is worth buying a house in Yerevan or anywhere in Armenia and spend good part of your life here just for the joy of relishing the fruits of Armenia.