Borjomi is one of those top destinations where the majority of tourists head during their visit in Georgia. One of the best seasons to visit Borjomi is definitely summer when the temperature is unbearable in the capital city. In summer the temperature of Tbilisi rises above +40 Celsius, and a comfortable rest in the epicenter of mineral waters is like a heaven.

There are two ways to enjoy Borjomi, either rafting on Mtkvari river or exploring Borjomi by local transport. Nevertheless, Borjomi is like a paradise for hikers, as there are many hiking routes in Borjomi National Park.

Photographers will find their passion here too. For photography, Borjomi is great in Fall, although other seasons also provide perfect scene for photography.

For slow walking and enjoying the wonderful aroma of pine cones Borjomi Mineral Park is a lovely place. Ekaterina Spring, which is the original mineral spring, is beneath a pavilion ahead of the park entrance. People can fill their bottles right from that spring. The commercial Borjomi plants draw their water from other springs.

Another attraction in Borjomi resort town is a cable car which leaves from Mineral Water Park and heads uphill providing a lovely and scenery views of Mineral Water Park. Agree that it is enough to ride here for this splendid view of Borjomi.

Borjomi, Georgia