• Haghpat Monastery complex
Tour duration
2 days
Tour Highlights
Visits to all UNESCO World Heritage sites in Armenia
The fabulous nature of Armenia
Tour Program

Day 1: The real chest of historical treasures
Start the tour visiting the holy land of Christianity – the oldest state-built church in the world. Echmiatsin is the Vatican of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the place where Saint Gregory the Illuminator saw a beam of light fall to the earth in a divine vision, and where he built the first Mother Church of Armenia. Here, in the museum “Treasures of Echmiatsin” you will see Christian Artefacts, such as “The Holy Lance” or “the Lance of Longinus”, the piece of Noah’s ark and relics of different saints. Also see the churches of St. Gayane and St. Hripsime that are among the three churches in Echmiatsin dedicated to the Christian women-martyrs escaped from Rome and spreading Christianity in Armenia. Not far from here you will visit Zvartnots cathedral – ruined but forever powerful Armenian cathedral, built in the 7th century that could survive only till the 10th century. Sum up your spiritual tour with visiting Geghard monastery - a very beautiful scaly monastery, two churches of which are carved in the scale. Geghard monastery itself is a hallmark of Armenian cultural heritage. In the end don’t miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of Azat valley.  

Day 2: Mysteries and Sacred Sites of Lori Landmark
If you visit Hagpat monastery once, you will be able to “feel the past” just next to you, and we are sure you will never forget Armenia. The monastery dates back to the medieval era, around 976 and was founded by the queen of Armenia Khosrovanuysh. The name Haghpat literary translated from Armenian means “A strong, firm wall”. Nearby stands Sanahin monastery, which was built around the same time as Haghpat. Being constructed in the same way and by the people of the same architectural school, doesn’t mean that they are the same and there is nothing to see in Sanahin Monastery. The breathtaking beauty of this complex is guided by the beautiful nature of the Lori region. This beautiful church is under the protection of the Armenian apostolic church with its ancient khachkars. A particular thing about this church is that you can find there many graves of the church bishops.

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