Groups to Armenia & Georgia in 2020

Mice in Armenia

Low-cost airlines that are starting to fly to Armenia in 2020, will significantly increase the flow of tourists to Armenia. These tourists are going to use mainly services apartments on sale on Airbnb or hostels and 2-3-star hotels in Yerevan and other places in Armenia. The roads in Armenia are improving rapidly, so next year it will be great to travel in Armenia. 

As the regional tourism is also on the rise, the combined tours of Armenia and Georgia are becoming more widespread than those of confined within the borders of one country. We are expecting many leisure groups coming to Armenia. Almost half of them spend a couple of days in Georgia. Beside the leisure groups Armenia is becoming a popular destination for MICE groups as well. These corporate groups, usually composed of 80-150 rooms and more, arrive in a hotel, book all the meeting rooms and spend their times on conferencing and entertainment. has great resources to organize the ground handling of MICE groups by providing high-class buses for transportation and composing and organizing tours around Armenia and Georgia, as well as arranging various events and supplying the group with any kind of services that they may need.

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