Coronavirus & Armenia

Coronavirus-safe Armenia

With tourism industry in a big downfall in the world, some destinations, like Armenia, are still not a threat for travellers. Officially there is just one confirmed case of coronavirus registered in Armenia, and the person, that was returning back from Iran, is safely isulated and taking his treatment. Hopefully he will be totally recovered soon and be allowed to go back to his family. 

Besides, as per assessments, Armenia is among the most prepared countries in sense of epidemics prevention with a high ranking of 90 points of ReadyScore, that means that Armenia has a well developed system to find, stop and prevent any kind of transmittable deceases.

This time of the year is remarkable for significant growth of tourism to Armenia, but due to the fear of viruses people choose not to travel and expose themselves to virus threat. Maybe it is the right choice for countries where there are many people sick with COVID-19, but not for Armenia. If you are healthy and able to travel, then Armenia can be one of the best choices to enjoy fresh emotions, fresh mountain air and freash emotions in the highlands of Armenia.

Visit Armenia, we are waiting for you all.