Luxury Armenia Tour

  • Luxury tour Armenia
Custom, normally 4-6 days
Upon request
Luxury transportation and accommodation, personal assistant
Helicopter tours, sightseeing, food & wine tasting
Luxury shopping, business meeting arrangements
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Armenia has a lot to offer to luxury tour fans. Comfort, splendor, high status, superior service, 24-hour local travel assistance, excellent food & beverage experience, even organization of business meetings with local businessmen, would be part of our high-profile service.

This is what can be included in the luxury trip package in Armenia:

  • VIP pick-up and drop-off at the airport by a luxury sedan
  • Provision of professional secuity services to the VIP guest
  • Transportation services by luxury cars
  • Accommodation at one of the luxury hotels in Yerevan and outside Yerevan
  • Helicopter tours around Armenia
  • Organization of lunch and dinner at local high-class restaurants
  • Sightseeing tours with professional guides
  • Shopping at luxury shops in Yerevan
  • Organization of business meetings with local partners
  • Creation of decent entertainment programs for the entire family
  • Thematic tours like cultural, adventure, rural, etc

 We will actively work with you to create the most customized luxury tour for you in Armenia.

Luxury hotels in yerevan and entire Armenia
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