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Exotic accommodations and transfers in Armenia
Activities that boost productivity and energy
Relaxation and recharging procedures
Տուրի ծրագիրը

You are not bound to your office and are able to travel and work anywhere in the world, including Armenia? We are here to help you find best places to work and relax in Armenia. Here is what may become your travel plan for Armenia:

Accommodation in hotels in Armenia that have modern and fresh look, spacious and convenient lobby to sit and work, a strong Wi-Fi system and an excellent kitchen.

Massage - whenever you feel you need to relax with the help of a professional masseur that will rub your shoulders and neck and back or your full body, we will arrange it for you.

Hiking in the highlands of Armenia - after a stressful and extensive workday it would be a great idea to take a break and have a walk to breathe the crystal clear fresh air and restore the balance between the relative physical inactivity and the walking activity. That would be much beneficial to your body and brains.

Horse riding - maybe another option would be riding a horse? That would give you fantastic feelings and recharge you with new emotions and feelings.

Rafting - some extreme emotions would greatly improve your blood circulation and detach you from daily work and schedule. The cold splashes of water onto your face will shake your weariness off your face body and the adrenaline will power up you for new achievements.

Sliding on the zip line - another occasion to scream of joy and extreme emotions. After this you will take on your new task fiercely and accomplish it with new solutions.

Skiing is what you may choose to have in winter time while to take your work-travel in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia. The whistling ice-cold wind in your ears and the feeling of speed will make you feel like you are a superman flying over the snowy hills of Tsaghkadzor. 

The transfers to any place in Armenia will be organized by us with pleasure, including those of from the airport and to the airport, as well as a possible transfer from Yerevan to Tbilisi.

Here are some other details of the work-travel arrangements:

  • The work-travel absolutely customisable
  • staff is acting like your personal assistant in Armenia
  • Together we build the tour program, choose accommodations in Armenia with the right atmosphere and a strong Wi-Fi connection
  • We together choose the relaxation activities in the hotel and outside the hotel
  • We together choose the activities that boost your energy and imagination and make you detach from the daily intensive work for a while
  • We arrange your transfers from place to place not only within Armenia, but also to and in Georgia
  • The tour program can be composed in any part of Georgia as well
  • The tour program can be of any duration
  • Networking visits to the local big IT companies
  • The pricing is kept at its minimal, some of the services can be provided free of charge
Upon our choice
Գինը ներառում է
To be defined in the course of tour arrangements
Գինը ՉԻ ներառում
To be defined in the course of tour arrangements
Տուրի օրերը
Upon request