Traces of Hellenism

  • Garni Pagan temple, Armenia
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1 day
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The pagan temple of Garni, the famous monument coming from Hellenic era of Armenia
The ruins of ancient Artashat, the former capital of Armenia
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Worshiping the SUN
The true and unique masterpiece of Hellenistic architecture in Armenia is the pagan temple of the Sun, Garni. It is one of the most prominent landmarks in Armenia which has survived since the pagan period. A disastrous 1679 earthquake destroyed the temple. It was reconstructed in 20th century.

Ancient ruins of Artashat (Artashat – the old capital of Armenia)
The ancient city Artashat was originally founded in 180 B.C. Armenian King Artashes I (189-160 BC) was greatly popular with his reconstructive policy, which he exercised in almost all spheres of Greater Armenia, be it economic, military or administrative. An important step was the establishment of Artashat, the new capital of Greater Armenia. The city was built in Ararat plain. Very soon the city became one of the most developed economic, political and cultural centers of Western Asia. Artashat is the only Armenian capital which has born that status for four centuries. Today the remains of the city can still be seen and the area of Historical Ararat is proclaimed an archaeological site a visit to where is simply a must for people interested in the history of Armenia.

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