Save the Planet Tour

  • Save the Planet Tour
  • Save the Planet Tour
  • Save the Planet Tour
  • Save the Planet Tour
  • Save the Planet Tour
Tour duration
4-5 days
Tour Price
Dependent on the program
Tour Highlights
Eco activities that benefit the nature and the self-esteem
Only vegan food and a lot fruits of local origin
Hiking and exploring the highlands of Armenia
Tour Program

The planet of Earth is in danger because of humans. The mother nature needs our care, and the care that we extend to it, always returns to us and our kids and future generations. We can help you have your share in preserving the nature and wildlife of Armenia by offering an interesting and beneficial tour that will boost your self-esteem and cure your soul.

Day 1 - planting trees in designating areas (possible in spring and autumn). You will always know that your trees grow and taken care of. Each year you visit Armenia you will have the chance to see with pride how much the trees have grown.

Day 2 - removal of trash from the nature. The one-time use plastic is everywhere: in the fields, streets, lakes, woods. That is too much and for the time being the pollution of the nature with this type is trash is unstoppable. We can save our share of the planet by refusing to use one-time plastic and join our efforts to clean the surroundings of this type of trash.

Day 3 - Building a birdhouse and attaching it to a tree in the city park. This will be especially a great fun for the kids. We will guide you to a carpenter that will build a beautiful birdhouse with your help and you'll put an effort in attaching it to a tree in the city park either in Yerevan, or in another town in Armenia.

Day 4 - Hiking in the highlands of Armenia to breath fresh air and drink crystal clear water from natural springs, listening to the birds singing and the wind, eating exquisite vegan food and a lot of fruits of Armenian local produce.

This is a fantastic tour, isn't it? Go ahead and send a request for you and your family.

Tour Accommodation
Upon request
Price includes
Depending on tour program
Price Does NOT Include
Depending on tour program
Tour Dates
Upon request - 2-5 days