Apps for Armenia

Useful Apps for Armenia

When you are planning to visit Armenia and spend there some days, it would be good to have some apps on your phone that will help you quickly take care of your needs.

If your phone number does not have roaming, then you would be locked somehow from the rest of the world. At the armenian airports of Zvartnots and Gyumri, the Wi-Fi internet access is free of charge, but when you go out of the airport, you would not be able to get access till you get to the hotel or apartment of you destination.

To stay connected you'd better take a local phone number at the airport, near the exit gates, where the mobile operators give them away to tourists. Once you are connected, take some minutes to connect to the Whi-Fi internet of the airport and download the following apps that will may need.

  • Yandex.Taxi, GG Taxi, U-Taxi - these are taxi services that you can use. If you are arriving from Russia, and you have your Yandex.Taxi app on your phone, you will be able to use it in Yerevan as well. GG Taxi and U-Taxi apps will provide you with quality and affordable taxi services, which will allow you to get to any part of Yerevan for less than 3-4 EUROs. 
  • or - food delivery service from the best restaurants in Yerevan. The deliver tasty food fast to any part of Yerevan. Please have enough cash money with you to pay for the food and delivery.
  • Google Maps - if you already do not have it on your phone, please install it. It works fine in the bigger cities and would not let you get lost. But if you are hiking, you'd better be careful with it, otherwise you may get lost.
  • - this is not an app, but a mobile optimized web application. With the help of it you can easily buy tickets to movies, theatres, museums and cultural events taking place in Yerevan.
  • - this is anothe mobile optimised website with the help of which you can order tours and transfers in Yerevan, entire Armenia and Georgia. 
  • - with this app you can reserve tables in local restaurants in Yerevan.
  • SAS Online - with this you can order any food and other items from local quality supermarkets of SAS.

If you need any kind of help with other needs, please write to us.