New Hotels in Yerevan

Kempinski Hotel in Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan's so called "small center" is becoming a big touristic hub very soon, with many big hotels opening in 2018-2021. With recent openings of Golden Palace Boutique hotel, the Alexander hotel (Luxury Collection by Starwood), here is the list of branded and non-branded hotels that will become part of Yerevan's city-scape soon:

  • Holiday Inn Express Yerevan - 120 rooms, opening in 2018, October
  • Holiday Inn Yerevan- 191 rooms, opening in December 2018
  • Ramada Hotel Yerevan - 150 rooms, opening in September 2018
  • Kempinski Hotel Yerevan - 153 rooms - opening in 2019
  • Courtyard by Marriott, Yerevan - 170 rooms (rumors) - opening in 2019
  • Davit Bek hotel complex (former Dvin hotel) - 200 rooms - opening in 2019
  • Crowne Plaza hotel Yerevan - opening in 2020 (rumors)

There are also a number of other big projects in Yerevan that have no names, but are most likely to become hotels.

We are hoping that the number of tourists visiting Armenia will grow so intensely that all these wonderful hotels will have proper occupancies and revenues.

Good luck to all of you!