Mulberry Festival - 2018

Mulberry festival in Goris, Armenia

Summer in Armenia is ready to show its guests many bright and memorable festivals. July 7th- Mulberry festival 2018, taking place in Goris, Armenia!

It is dedicated to all the food that can be made out of mulberries, as well as to the significance of mulberries in the Armenian cuisine. The festival starts with traditional mulberry gathering, followed by various master classes. Visitors can see how mulberry spirits are distilled, what goes into doshab (a sweet syrup used for treating colds and coughs), how to dry mulberries, how many types of mulberries there are, and also how mulberries are used in several traditional Armenian dishes.

So, don’t miss your chance! 

Welcome to Goris - the host-city of the fest. Trust the professional team of to arrange your day-tours.