About Yerevan

  • Yerevan - Cascade - the museum of modern arts
     Yerevan - Cascade - the museum of modern arts
Yerevan (sometimes spelled Erevan, Erivan, Jerewan, Jerevan, etc.) has a long-long history of thousands of years, dating back to the rise of oldest civilizations in the world.

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Yerevan is situated in the north-eastern part of Ararat Valley. The upland Yerevan is fringed by mountains on three sides, and only to the south it freely descends down to the Arax River Valley. With its rugged terrain, Yerevan displays a 400m disparity between its lowest and highest points. The city is divided into two by the Hrazdan River that flows in a picturesque canyon. The climate in Yerevan is dry and distinctly continental.

Today’s Yerevan is a big and beautiful city, and has a population of more than a million.

The central part of the city involves three main squares: Republic Square, Shahumian Square and Azatutian (Liberty) Square. Republic Square is the gemstone of the city. The square is framed with the buildings of the Government, of some ministries and the Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan, designed by Alexander Tamanian in the best traditions of Armenian architecture to make up a beautiful ensemble. The History Museum and the Art Gallery are also to be found in Republic Square.

Azatutyan Square is adjacent to the State Opera and Ballet House making up another picturesque ensemble.
The Hrazdan Stadium and the Victory Bridge with the Wine and Brandy factories represent another composition genuinely fitting into the beautiful Hrazdan canyon. Mashtots Avenue, one of the main arteries of the city, starts here. It then goes up north, ending at the steps of the Matenadaran, a unique research institute and museum of ancient manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet. High up the hill, behind the Matenadaran, the monumental statue of Mother Armenia stands on a vigil over the panorama of the city.

Baghramian Avenue will take you further to the north and will bring you to the Academy of Sciences, the National Assembly, some Embassies, as well as to the White House where president of Armenia works.

On Tsitsernakaberd Hill with the panoramic view of the capital the 1915 Genocide Memorial is located. The Sports and Concert Complex (shortly called Hamalir in Yerevan) is also here. A cascade of staircases and fountains connects the Complex with the Kievian Bridge and transport communications. 

The Sports and Concert Complex  (Hamalir) is a multifunctional construction. It has two halls, with 5000 and 1300 seats, with a shared rotating stage between them. The arena in the Sports Hall can be transformed into a skating-rink. Visitors of the Armenian capital can enjoy walking the city streets and see many historical and cultural sights.

Quite a number of cozy parks and public gardens accentuate 106 various colors and shades of tufa stone, the main construction material used in Yerevan. Visitors of the capital can also enjoy their time in many cafes and small restaurants and savor the rich Armenian cuisine, the famous Armenian brandy and awesome wines.

In 2001 Armenian people celebrated the 1700th anniversary of adoption of Christianity in Armenia. Many festivities took place in Yerevan and other cities in Armenia.

Yerevan is famous as a host of many international events, such as symposia, conferences, festivals, sports competitions. In September-October of 1996 it hosted the 32nd World Chess Olympiad and the 67th Congress of FIDE. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

Visitors can buy a great variety of souvenirs in the stores and art bazaars. On weekends the art fair in Vernisage provides a choice of paintings and art works made of obsidian, silver, gold, wood, etc.

Zvartnots international airport is the main gateway to Yerevan and the country. It is fully renovated now and is one of the most up-to-date airports in the world.

Visiting Yerevan will give you unforgettable impressions about an ancient and, at the same time, modern city.

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