About Yeghegnadzor

  • The grapes and wines of Yeghegnadzor
     The grapes and wines of Yeghegnadzor

The regional center of Vayots Dzor is Yeghegnadzor, which is ranked among those Armenian settlements, whose story comes from deep antiquity. This is evidenced by the tombs and cyclopean fortress discovered there. Meanwhile, in the Middle Ages Yeghegnadzor turned into a seat center for prominent princes of Vayots dzor and also for the Orbelians.

Yeghegnadzor is spread out across the right and left banks of the Srkoghk tributary of the Arpa River and has an altitude of 1250m above sea level. The highway linking the Syunik region with The Republic of Artsakh passes through Yeghegnadzor. The area has severe dry continental climate and large diurnal temperature fluctuations with the average annual rainfalls of 400 mm and mountain-valley winds. The average air temperature in winter is 5-6◦C, the  coldest temperature is  -22◦C and in summer the highest temperature is +35◦C.

Yegheghnadzor is not a big city, the area looks like a stretched circle is around 520 hectares and has a population of 10,000. Yegeghnadzor got the city status not too long ago, in 1996. Many ancestors of Yeghegnadzor's current population migrated from Khoy and Salmast which used to be Armenian cities and now are under the domination of Iran. There aren’t many residential buildings in the city that exceed 5 floor, mostly being 1-2 storied private houses. Orchards and vineyards are common in the city, and it is not accidental that here winemaking is very developed.

Educational and cultural infrastructures are quiet developed in Yeghegnadzor. There is a state college with 13 faculties, also a branch of Armenian State University of Economics. Another important venue is the music school, on which base were established the College of Music and Art School. There are parks, an amphitheater in Yeghegnadzor which gives an opportunity to enjoy your time in a more intersting way.

The surrounding high mountains, fruit trees, garrulous waters of the Arpa River, the smiling faces of hospitable people make an indelible impression on the visitor. Visitors of Yegheghnadzor will not feel bored as there are many spectacular places to visit, admire the monuments built by man and nature, taste Armenian dishes.