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Garni-Geghard Private Tour

  • Частный тур Гарни-Гегард
  • The Garni Temple - the masterpiece of Hellenistic architecture in Armenia

  • Geghard monastery - where the Holy Spear was once kept


Discover the true and unique masterpiece of Hellenistic architecture in Armenia: the Garni pagan temple of the Sun, which has survived since the ancient pagan period. Located in Kotayk province, 35km East from Yerevan, it is one of the most ancient landmarks in Armenia. Although it was destroyed in a disastrous 1679 earthquake, it was reconstructed in the 20th century. The area surrounding the temple is filled with other fascinating landmarks, such as the Roman bath, the seventh century church of St. Sion, medieval khachkars, and the Garni Gorge, which boasts well-preserved basalt columns that have been carved out by the Goght River, creating a breathtaking "Symphony of the Stones". This natural monument is registered and protected by law, and just across the gorge is the Khosrov State Reserve, as well as the Havuts Tar Monastery.

The Geghard monastery complex, also known as Gegardavanq (meaning "a spear" in Armenian), is an outstanding example of remarkably well-preserved medieval architecture. The complex is framed with towering cliffs and features decorative art cut into rocks that reflects and explains the development of the Medieval Ages throughout the region. The complex was introduced to history in the 4th century as a sacred spring inside a cave.

Both the Garni temple and Geghard monastery are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Discover the beauty and history of Armenia by visiting these breathtaking landmarks.

Tour Duration
5-6 hours
Upon request
Pick-up Place
Anywhere in Yerevan, upon request
Price Includes
Water, tickets
Price does NOT include
Meals, accommodation, insurance