About Jermuk

  • Jermuk
The small resort town of Jermuk is located on the upper stream of the Arpa river, on a plateau, 2070 meters above sea level, surrounded by wooded mountains. Jermuk's panorama is very picturesque and beautiful. The Arpa river gorge divides the town into two parts, on the left and right banks. 

Jermuk is a relatively young town. It was established in the mid 20th century. However it was known to be a settlement in ancient times. The ruins of an ancient fortress and the 
remains of a 7th century church prove that this is an ancient settlement.  

Due to its geographical position and favorable climate, mineral waters and hot springs, Jermuk became a popular health resort center in the middle of the last century. The name of the town derives from the Armenian word "jermuk," meaning "warm mineral spring".Today Jermuk is a first-class health resort zone and recreational area. 

The town is surrounded by forests, part of which were planted from the 1960-1970s. Here the dry and severe nature of Vayots Dzor gives way to the oasis of wooded mountains and alpine meadows. Above the tree line, the tops of the mountains are covered with grass and flowers. 

That is why the air in Jermuk is almost completely free of dust and in summer it is filled with the sweet fragrance of flowers. Jermuk has a unique mountain climate. Summer hereis cool and pleasant, winter is long and snowy, however with clear and not very cold days. The lowest temperature recorded was -8,-10օC, the highest - +14 +16օC, the absolute highest temperature - + 32օC, and the absolute lowest temperature -35օC. The annual amount of sunshine reaches 2340 hours.

There is plenty of water in Jermuk. In addition to the Arpa river and its right tributary, the Jermuk, there are many water springs. Some of them are used as drinking water. Jermuk is known for its 36 hot springs (spa geysers). 

There are some legends concerning the waters of Jermuk. One of them holds that long ago when hunting was the only form of living, the forests of Jermuk were full of different kinds of animals, among them deer. One day an experienced hunter shot an arrow and injured a deer. The animal didn’t give up but kept on running through the forest, and then jumped into the water. 
What happened next was a miracle. The deer emerged from the water completely cured and disappeared into the forest. 

It is said, since that time the fame of Jermuk's mineral waters has spread the world over.