About Hankavan

  • Hanqavan basin
     Hanqavan basin
Hankavan, one of the nicest corners of Armenia, is located 85 km from Yerevan, the capital, and 33 km from the town of Hrazdan, administrative centre of Kotayk marz, in the picturesque gorge of Marmarik river, at a height of 2000 meters above sea level. Hankavan is a small settlement, with village status, and covers less than 1 km2 with a resident population of only 300 people.

Until the 1990s mainly Greeks formed the population of Hankavan. Back in 1864 thirteen Greek families settled here. They founded a village and called it Miskhana. The number of Greeks increased in Miskhana after WWI, when Greeks and Western Armenians were deported from the Ottoman Empire, after barely escaping the atrocities committed in the Ottoman Empire. A part of those Greeks settled here. In 1949 Miskhana was renamed Hankavan. From 1990-1991 the Armenians who were forced out of Azerbaijan also resettled here. And the Greek community, remaining true guardians of their national traditions, national characteristic features, preserving a centuries-old friendship with the Armenian people, demonstrated in Hankavan the classic example of national solidarity and ecumenism.  

Today Hankavan's permanent population is not more than 500. The villagers' principle occupations are cattle breeding and crop cultivation. 

However, Hankavan is better known for its health resorts, due to the excellent natural conditions  – a great number of sweet and mineral water springs, and thermal springs. Rich lush green vegetation, many beautiful valleys and gorges covered with flowers and dense forests make this place amazingly beautiful. The climate in Hankavan is moderate. Summer is cool, winter is temperately cold. The annual average precipitation is 600-700 mm and the annual amount of sunshine ranges from 2400-2500 hours. Summer is cool - the average temperature in August is 16-18 0 C, and winter is mild and snowy, the depth of snow sometimes reaches a meter and a half.

Hankavan's first health resorts were built in the 1950s. And today, after more than half a century of activities, with modernized improvements, and newly constructed comfortable health resort complexes meeting international standards, Hankavan is awaiting visitors.