About Gavar

  • Gavar church of St. Astvatsatsin
     Gavar church of St. Astvatsatsin
About 7-8 kilometers away from the southern shore of the Lake Sevan is situated the town of Gavar (sometimes called Qyavar, Nor Bayazet). Gavar is the administrative center of Gegharquniq Marz, with major regional administration offices located here. It is not a big city and has around 20000 inhabitants. The town of Gavar has an altitude of 1965 above sea level. The climate is mountainous, winters are cold and long, summers are sunny. The minimum temperature is -380 and the maximum is +320, the annual atmospheric precipitation is 450 mm. The air is clean and fresh, water is cold and abundant. There are also curative mineral springs (carbon dioxide) in Gavar.

The large part of inhabitants of the town and surrounding villages are emigrants from Old Bayazet, which was one of the prominent sites of historic Armenia. The inhabitants adhere to ancient traditions, preserved and passed their rituals and customs to their heir, which they adapt to the new geographical environment and conditions.

Gavar is famous for its unique cuisine, especially famous for its “bakhlava”, “gata” and “qufta”. It is known that villages of Gavar are mainly involved in potato industry. And, behold, in every harvest there seems to be a necessary ritual of “fire-baked” potato. For it first you must burn dried manure made "bakery" and then when the dried manure turns into hot ashes, bury the potatoes into the ashes and wait until it become ready.

Today Gavar is one of the educational centers in Armenia, as here is the only regional university in Armenia with its 12 departments.