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Visa Requirements to Armenia

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To apply for an E-VISA, visit and download the visa application form in PDF format.

There are two lists available: one for countries whose citizens are unilaterally exempt from obtaining a visa, and the other for countries with which Armenia has a visa-free regime according to bilateral and multilateral agreements.

Holders of all other national passports and travel documents are required to obtain an entry visa, including UN Laissez-Passer. Citizens of countries with a visa-free regime can stay in Armenia for up to 180 days per year unless otherwise specified by international agreements. Certain countries can only apply for a visitor visa with an invitation, but this limitation does not apply to citizens of Armenian nationality. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia issues and extends Official and Diplomatic visas, as well as e-visas, while the Passport and Visa Department of the Police of Armenia issues and extends Visitor and Transit visas.


You can see the list of countries, citizens of which can obtain an Armenian visa only upon invitation and only at the diplomatic representations of consular offices of the Republic of Armenia here.

Armenian nationals who are citizens of those countries can obtain an Armenian visa without invitation and upon arrival.

Invitations can be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by

a) juridical persons registered in Armenia

b) authorities of Armenia and diplomatic representations or international organizations or their representatives (physical persons submit invitation to the Passport and Visa Department of the Police)

1. Invitation sample (PDF)
2. Invitation template (MS Word)

Armenian visas are issued for a maximum of 120 days and can be extended for an additional 60 days if allowed by international agreements.

Arrival in Armenia requires a valid passport, entry visa, or document of residency status. Minor foreigners can enter with parental or legal representative accompaniment or to reunite with parents, parent, or other legal representative. Failure to present a valid identity document or visa upon arrival will result in being denied entry unless the purpose of the arrival is to apply for asylum or refugee status.

To extend a visa, contact the Passport and Visa Department of the Police of the Republic of Armenia and submit a visa extension application stating the reason for extending the stay. For additional information, email or call (+37460) 620516, 620553, or 620549.