About Arzni

  • the Gorge of Arzni
     the Gorge of Arzni
Arzni health resort is well-known not only in Armenia, but in the whole region as well. It is located in Kotayk Marz, on the Hrazdan River. Above all, the town is famous for its curative mineral waters rich in various micro-elements. Also, there are rather interesting beautiful natural sights, as well as historical and cultural monuments: Hrazdan river's picturesque gorge and caves, medieval churches, and stone age sites. Arzni stands on a hill on the left bank of the Hrazdan River, at an elevation of 1300 meters above sea level. 

To the north Arzni is surrounded by the southern slopes of Tsaghkunyats mountains, to the west - by the Aragats mountain massif, to the east - by the western slopes of the Geghama mountains, and to the south - by the Ararat valley. The climate in Arzni is unique, having moderate winters, cool summers, long and warm autumns. The average temperature in August, the hottest month, is 22.3 0C, and in January, the coldest month, is -5.30C. The average precipitation is 660 mm. The annual amount of sunshine here reaches 2236 hours, exceeding the amount of sunshine in all other health resorts of the Caucasus region. 
Arzni mineral waters and their therapeutic qualities were known in ancient times. The etymology of the name of Arzni is connected to Ara the Beautiful and the Assyrian Queen Shamiram, who fell in love with Ara and wanted to marry him. When Ara the Beautiful was killed on the battlefield, Shamiram ordered that Ara’s body should be brought to her. And, as it happened that none of the Assyrian soldiers had seen Ara before, they delivered the bodies of all the dead brave soldiers and told her to take the bodies and to scrutinize them (which in Armenian is pronounced Ar, znni - hence the name)… 
According to the legend, Shamiram hoped to resurrect Ara with the help of Aralez healing dogs. The dogs were unable to resurrect Ara, and so one of the Assyrian wise men advised the queen to revive Ara with the healing waters of Arzni. Though the waters did not revive Ara, since ancient times those healthy springs have been famous.   
With the lapse of time a proverb was formed: “Though the waters of Arzni did not revive Ara, they straightened the curved backs of thousands of people”. 
Historically, Arzni was known to be a Stone Age settlement. Archaeological excavations conducted here have provided evidence of this. At the beginning of the last century some objects dating from the Stone Age were found here. However, the first record of information about Azni (Ardzni) dates from the mid-15th century. 
The remains from medieval buildings and churches have yielded evidence that Arzni was quite a lively place. 
In the 19th century the Assyrians settled in Arzni and founded a new settlement. Today 
Assyrian people live in peace and harmony with Armenians in Arzni. They have their church, which is a rather valuable monument of history and culture. 
The mineral waters of Arzni attracted the attention of specialists at the end of 19 century. However only in the 1920s did construction of resorts begin. Researchers who investigated the composition of Arzni mineral water reached the conclusion that it is similar to that of the mineral waters of Bad Nauheim and Wiesbaden in Germany.